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Top2Move is a mobile routenavigation system for bikers, hikers and boaters. You can plan your own routes and once you are on the move, the map moves with you on the screen of your mobile device. With Top2Move you can also load scenic routes from Routecrawler, our free online routeplanner to navigate through these routes.

Recording routes: Record and save your active route with Top2Move via GPS. Give your new track a name, select a track type and optionally enter a description. Top2Move will automatically generate important track information like track length, country and city.

Loading routes: You can load tracks you have previously saved on your device or you can load live tracks from Routecrawler. When you choose your desired route it will be displayed as a track line on a map so you can navigate through the route or explore the route on forehand.

Create and share routes: Create and share tracks the easy way. With Top2Move you can easily create custom routes by tapping your screen to connect the dots. With the push of a button you can upload your newly created or recorded track to Routecrawler, so thousands of people can enjoy your scenic route!

Multiple map types: Top2Move offers multiple map types. You can choose to explore your surroundings by using a Terrain, Road, Satellite or Hybrid (Road / Satellite) map type.

Multilingual: Top2Move is available in 7 languages: English,Dutch,German,French,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese